Water & Wastewater

KETO is a trusted partner with wealth of experience in the provision of robust, reliable pumps and solutions in surface and ground water extraction, treatment and management.

We meet the demand for reliable and high quality pump systems that solve environmental and economic challenges, including global population growth, increased consumption and urbanisation.

KETO provides expert consulting for diverse applications, including agricultural, municipal, domestic and industrial, providing products that achieve maximum efficiency throughout the treatment process.

Our product range meets the needs of clean water applications including those using vertical and submersible turbines and horizontal end suction. These high performing pumps and systems provide potable water to cities and homes from reservoirs, rivers and wells. They meet the water demands of large-scale industrial and agricultural sites.

KETO’s waste water handling pumps, built to process municipal sewage and industrial waste water, include:

  • K-HS – Grit pumping, stringy solids, and large solids
  • K-MP – Grit pumping
  • K-G – large solids and storm water handling
  • K-VS – Grit pumping, stringy solids, large solids, general cleanup and solids handling duties
  • K-CP – clear liquid handling, chemical handling and metering, clarifier overflow
  • K-VT – clear liquid handling, chemical handling, clarifier overflow

We offer a comprehensive line of vertical turbine pumps for raw water intake, chemical feed, water supply, booster and low and high lift.

Whether drawn from surface or subsurface sources or the final effluent of sewage treatment plants, our vertical and submersible turbine pumps meet the need to reach varying depths with efficiency and reliability.

Regardless of the application requirements, our solutions are tailored to our customers’ needs and built to last, with minimal effect on the environment.




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