K-BRT™ Bore Installation/Retrieval Trailer

The The K-BRT™ Bore Installation/Retrieval Trailers are a safe, mobile and easy to operate system to install, test and retrieve bore dewatering pumps from in-pit applications. The K-BRT™ design allows for cost-effective, safe and efficient use of resources to minimise operational downtimes.

Designed in conjunction with leading mine operators to reduce the risk associated with bore pump installation, testing and retrieval. It’s versatility enables a rapid turnaround of bore pump equipment. The K-BRT™ meets or exceeds mine site operational compliance requirements and safety specifications.

Key features include dual winches capable of multi-speed and independent operation to deliver safe and effortless installation and retrieval. Casette reel design allows for back to back operation and easy storage. It removes 100% of working under live load.


  • Flexible rising main: 50 mm (2”) to 150 mm (6”)
  • Hose reel capacity to: 200m (656 ft)
  • Cable reel capacity to: 200m (656 ft)
  • Working loads to: 4 tonne


  • Dewatering


  • Dual winches are capable of multi-speed and independent operation to deliver safe and effortless installation and retrieval
  • Modular / cassette reel design for continuous back-to-back operation, reloading, maintenance work and storage
  • The modules or cassettes can be used in our purpose-built work frames for yard based maintenance or pre-site loading and testing
  • Removes 100% of working under live load
  • Lay flat idler and cable guide ensure that both the lay flat hose and electrical cables are fed evenly onto drum winches to prevent damage and maximize drum capacity
  • “Feather touch” hydraulic adjustable hose and cable roller for easy operation
  • Hydraulic hose tensioner for effective “down hole” retrieval
  • On-board generator and fuel supply facilitates extended and isolated operation
  • The winch guide prevents against stretching or twisting of the hose or electrical cables or over-tensioning
  • Motion detector safety eye shuts down when operators are detected to be in work area
  • Stability jacks secure the trailer and prevent tipping


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