Food & Beverage

Preservation of texture and hygiene are top priorities when using pumps to convey foods during the manufacturing process.

KETO K-HS, K-MP, K-HSF™ and, K-CP™  pumps are trusted by many manufacturers worldwide to handle foods, water and chemicals in a wide variety of processes, from sugar manufacture to breweries and wineries.

KETO’s K-HSF with ShearMuncher impeller is perfect for handling highly viscous liquids and liquid-solid mixtures, like syrups, pulps, fats, and edible oils.

Our pumps are developed to match our customers’ needs and we offer models specifically designed to handle viscous, delicate or temperature-sensitive ingredients. We ensure that the pump selected matches the fluid to be pumped.

For food processes KETO pumps maximise the up time of the production plants they serve. We are trusted to keep production running and energy consumption low.



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