Repair & Overhaul Services

KETO maintains, repairs and overhauls all types of pumps and rotating equipment regardless of original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We guarantee high quality, precision and service at a competitive, cost-effective price. We provide all levels of service that repair and refurbish equipment so that it is returned to as new condition.

Our professional team of experts share decades of expertise and a wealth of knowledge, ensuring all equipment is serviced and repaired to strict quality standards. From inspection and analysis of the equipment, refurbishment or replacement of key components, to testing, final assembly, and return to the customer, each step in the process is carefully guided by best practices.

Where repair is related to causes beyond expected wear and tear, we can work to uncover the root-cause and provide recommendations to extend the life of your equipment. Our complete evaluation includes proposals for design upgrades and recommendations for maintenance. Our goal is to give you maximum value from the repair process.

No matter how large or small project, KETO prides itself on quick turnarounds in order to get your critical pumps and rotating equipment back in production, operating at optimum capacity with a minimum of downtime. For when it is not possible to remove equipment and transport it back to our facilities we can send engineers to carry out the work in-situ. Our local flexibility allows us to work within the schedule of your personnel. If required we can take care of all aspects of the process from project management to planning and execution, including parts supply and skilled labour for field service.


  • Cost-effective compared with purchasing new equipment
  • OEM quality with matched warranty
  • Service multiple manufactures equipment with one supplier
  • Quick turnaround of equipment
  • Extending the life of equipment
  • Design upgrade proposals available on equipment
  • Maintenance and service options available


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