Site Inspection & Technical Audit

We partner with you to carry out a site inspection and technical audit to understand requirements and identify reliability improvements, cost savings and ensure your pumping equipment delivers its best performance.

Our team of experts reviews your operation with our KETO PRETech™ Solutions which focus on:

  • Performance (extending equipment lifetime and maximising uptime)
  • Rationalisation (reduce parts stock and minimise inventory)
  • Efficiency (optimising processes and reducing energy consumption).

Our post review report, tailoring our technology to meet your challenges, will:

  • outline savings and benefits
  • propose an action plan on recommendations including cost savings of parts, possible upgrades and modifications
  • propose improvements for service and optimising maintenance.

Our objective is to help reach your goals and reduce your total cost of ownership, with the minimum disruption to your existing operation. We provide value at every stage of your equipment's life cycle to provide a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable solution.


  • Team of product and application specialists
  • Tailored solutions
  • Seamless inspection and audit process
  • Integrated technology and solutions
  • Identify overall condition of equipment and recommendation to improve performance, efficiency, service and maintenance needs
  • Spare parts needs specified and optimisation of stock levels
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Eliminate unforeseen failures
  • Identify potential improvements for training and machine rebuilds
  • Continuous sustained performance and support


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