Design Upgrades

KETO offers a wide range of solutions to improve the performance improvements through hydraulic, mechanical and material modifications of your pump or rotating equipment. We are dedicated to saving customers time and money by upgrading existing equipment.

We are able to bring the benefits of our latest products, technology and know-how to help you enhance your equipment for improved pump performance, reduced downtime and maintenance cost without replacing the entire pump.

We can take care of the project from start to finish. We meet or exceed OEM specifications and you can be sure that any upgrades will be executed to the highest standards. Whether the work is done in the field by our trained service staff or at one of our facilities, our team is ready to meet all of your project requirements.


  • Material upgrades
  • Mechanical upgrades
  • Hydraulic improvements
  • Application of surface coatings
  • Component design improvements
  • KETO advanced pump upgrades parts
  • Improved performance and reliability


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