K-HSF™ Horizontal Froth Pump

Based on the K-HS™ design, but specifically designed for pumping froth. The innovative K-HSF™ Horizontal Froth pump design allows for froth and other products to be handled efficiently and without issues usually associated with pumping products with high viscosity.

An inducer blade impeller encourages positive froth feed. A widened slurry throatbush reduces NPSH required and optimises the inlet size, allowing for froth to be pumped with maximum efficiency.


  • Range: 50 mm (2”) to 200 mm (8”)
  • Flows to: 2,000 m³/hr (8,800 USgpm)
  • Heads to: 60 m (196 ft)
  • Pressures to: 1,725 kPa (150 psi)



  • Dense media
  • Viscous slurries


  • Return flow spiral, the inlet of the product comes through anti-clockwise direction funnel to wet end slow froth/product
  • Avoids cavitation has reverse thread at bottom when gets close to inlet as spiral is clockwise moves the product through instead of just froth this stop from cavitation
  • Ease of maintenance, swivel arm move to wet end
  • Wide slurry throatbush reduces NPSH required and optimises inlet size
  • Interchangeable with the standard K-VS™ bearing assembly and shaft, thereby reducing site inventory levels
  • Wet end uses standard K-HS™ impeller, liner covers and frame
  • Froth tank is completely fabricated in mild steel tank with poly lined and rubber options
  • Inducer blade impeller encourages positive froth feed
  • K-HS™ Pump can be changed into a K-HSF™ with a few small modifications


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