Pump Service Kits

KETO pump service kits are available for a wide range of products within our portfolio. We have developed the service kits based on our product expertise and application knowledge to facilitate most common service and repair operations to allow customers to maintain products themselves.

Service kits are the fast and easy way to purchase and stock most essential spare parts for KETO pumps ensuring trouble-free operation and ease of maintenance. Each kit contains OEM spare parts custom developed specifically for each pump system and requirement so you do not need to purchase the necessary parts individually. Our spare parts kits are easy to order and available at short notice.


  • Service kits include all the necessary parts in one package
  • Genuine spare parts ensure compatibility and reliability
  • Tailored for each pump system and requirements
  • Easy to order
  • Ensures ease of maintenance and minimum downtime
  • Extends the life of your products


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