Long life Karbide™ shaft sleeves

The long life Karbide™ shaft sleeves result in a significant extension to the wear life of pump components and improve pump efficiency over its service life, optimising uptime. The benefits are in the additional wear life of the impeller, throat bush, bearing assembly with power savings in spare part costs.

The sleeves afford excellent resistance to both corrosion and abrasion in the most severe operating conditions and are more cost effective than alternative solutions. Unlike coated sleeves where differential expansion can craze the applied surface, the KETO sleeves are a homogeneous material that provides lasting resistance.


  • Allows for easy maintenance and removal
  • Expand sealing options
  • Extended replacement intervals and minimial maintenance requirements
  • Excellent resistance to both corrosion and abrasion/erosion in the most severe operating environments
  • For specialist duties a wide range of sleeve material combinations can be developed specific to your process


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