K-MF™ MultiFit Liner

Our revolutionary MultiFit™ elastomer liners combine industry-proven thick liner improvements for extended wear life with the ease of maintenance and interchangeability. The MultiFit™ liner is our solution to simplify the implementation, installation and selection of elastomer liners.

By rationalising all designs in the field with the latest reliability improvements the MultiFit range is compatible with all KETO K-HS™ and other equivalent slurry pump ranges. One KETO MultiFit liner can replace 5 alternate supplier liner designs by fitting both legacy and modern high seal frame plates. This design saves on inventory costs.


  • Thick elastomer for extended wear life, reliability and improved hydraulic performance
  • Removal and fitting is easier, safer and faster by eliminating the need for additional tooling and excessive manual handling
  • Interchangeability and reduced inventory, MultiFit™ liner can replace five alternate supplier liner designs
  • All liners come in service kits complete with fitting instructions, volute seals, studs, nuts, and washers where required to ensure ease of installation
  • Available in natural rubber, neoprene, EPDM and polyurethane all designed to fit a wide range of pumping applications from corrosive to abrasive slurries


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