K-ISS™ Single & Double Mechanical Seal's

The K-ISS™ single and double mechanical seal's combine the best features of several sealing options into one cost-effective alternative. Our mechanical seal use zero water under normal conditions while providing maintenance free running for extended periods.

One of the major issues with conventional, cartridge style mechanical slurry seals is that they are fixed to the shaft sleeve and then to the frame plate of the pump via the mechanical seal adapter. This requires that the seal be disconnected from the shaft sleeve in order for the impeller to be adjusted.

K-ISS™ technology has the seal mounted from the bearing assembly, which allows the impeller to be adjusted without any modification or disassembly of the shaft seal. By making the adjustment process simple, K-ISS™ technology makes it more likely impellers will be properly adjusted and properly adjusted impellers can save thousands of dollars per year per pump in power costs and repairs.


  • Fits into existing parts, no modifications required on the impeller, seal adaptor, shaft sleeve, frame plate liner or frame plate insert
  • Just as simple as a gland or expeller seal to set up but requires less maintenance
  • Incorporates a slurry-free zone to improve sealing, the only part in contact with slurry is the seal adaptor
  • Can cope with high suction pressures while remaining leak free, the water flush pressure is automatically adjusted by the constant flow control valve in the system
  • Available in both single and double seal options
  • Added features of the double seal allows no dilution or leakage of product, even at end of life


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