K-EP™ Eductor Jet Pump

The high efficiency K-EP™ Eductor Pump has been specifically designed to service the mining and dredging industry where increased pump life and reliability is essential. Ideally suited to pumping minerals or materials that would normally be damaged by conventional pumping methods.

The key features of the K-EP™ Eductor Pump are the versatility of the design and the unique materials of construction. Pumps are constructed in a high grade abrasion resistant poly-elastomer, except for the nuts and bolts which are supplied in stainless steel as standard.

It has the ability to cope with heavy wear conditions associated with large particle transportation. The low wear rates of K-EP™ Pumps can be attributed to its innovative design of no moving parts, and a low exposure to low levels of impingement wear (low impingement angles) and mostly sliding abrasion. The pump also requires no electrical connections, making them safe pumping devices for remote or inaccessible areas.


  • Range: 50 mm (1”) to 350 mm (13”)
  • Flows to: Tailor made to suit application
  • Heads to: 15 m (50') without booster pump


  • General gravel dredging operations
  • Diamond dredging in riverbeds & beaches
  • Diamond concentrates transportation
  • Heavy mineral sands mining
  • Gravel jetting
  • Slimes & stockpile reclamation
  • Slurry fluidisation (re-pulping)
  • Gravel / slurry mixing
  • Dispersing of solids (breaking down of clays & fibrous material through high velocity stone pumping)


  • Unique feature is the high chrome interchangeable nozzle for varying flow and ease of maintenance
  • Nozzle, mixing chamber and diffuser is (high chrome iron), the nozzle holder and header are cast in SG Iron
  • Easy operation and unblocking, with a simple valve arrangement the pump can be unblocked without dismantling the pump
  • Large particle passing capability



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