Pexgol™ pex pipes

KETO Pumps is the Australian distributor for Golan Plastics PexGol™ pipe, the world’s manufacturer of large diameter PEX-A pipes ranging from 160mm to 630mm in diameter. They are one of the leading solution providers for severe duty piping applications in mining, heavy industry and manufacturing.

PexGol™ is an extruded cross linked high molecular weight PE pipe. This process provides significant performance benefits over existing PE pipe, offering alternatives to costly piping solutions.

PexGol™ is durable; withstanding tremendous crushing loads without fracture, unaffected by scoring up to 20% of the wall thickness and capability to bend without kinking. These attributes provide for rapid deployment and installation in the processing plant or extreme operational environments.


Industrial pipelines:

  • Slurry lines
  • Tailing lines
  • Dewatering lines
  • Corrosive ground

Transportation of:

  • Slurries (gypsum, sand, salt, phosphate, silts, potash & more)
  • Various chemicals
  • Industrial wastes


  • High working pressures to 24 bar

  • High working temperature - up to 110°C

  • High corrosive resistant

  • Cross linking reduces creep

  • Increased abrasion resistance

  • Design life in excess of 50 years

  • High flexibility able to create natural bends in difficult installation applications

  • High impact strength, can withstand up to 20% surface damage

  • No damage from load points - does not require bedding, can be deployed and covered in situ fill

  • Reduced rapid crack propagation even at low temperatures (up tp -50°C and 20 bar pressure)

  • Resistance to slow-crack growth

  • Does not have a memory and can be stroed, then rolled out

  • Supplied in long lengths, either as coils or drums (e.g. 250mm, SDR6, 385mm)

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