Technical White Papers

Slurry Pumping 101 Green Paper

This brief guide to slurry pumping outlines the basics of selecting the correct pumps and materials for the majority of services. KETO stock rubber lined pumps with 27% Chrome White Iron (WI05) impellers as these meet the majority of general service slurry pumps. This design enables quick retrofits to other liners and impellers either in the KETO facility, or on site where the material selections can be refined.

More detailed analysis of slurry pumps, slurry pump materials, slurry pump materials for corrosive duties, the use of adjustable speed controllers and so on is available on request from KETO Pumps.

KETO Expeller Discussion Green Paper

KETO Expeller Discussion outlines the KETO alternative to expeller design. Wilfley Pumps developed the first expeller and patented the innovation some 90 years ago (in 1920). Since then the fundamental design has remained the same.

KETO Casting Quality Green Paper

KETO Casting Quality Green Paper describes KETO's policy on casting quality. We only select parts that meet industry standards so that you can be confident in your purchasing decison with KETO and our authorised distributors.

Centrifugal Pump Explosions Green Paper

Although not well documented, under certain operating conditions, any brand or type of centrifugal pump can explode, whether it is a centrifugal slurry pump or a basic centrifugal water pump.

The design engineers at KETO have endeavoured to reduce the risk of explosion on your site without having to spend larger sums on special pressure relief systems built into the pumps which can be expensive to install, complex to operate and difficult to maintain, and expensive to upgrade existing plant. It is even possible to use the safety systems developed by KETO in leading competitor equipment without the need for expensive upgrades.

Froth Pump Discussion Green Paper

Sometimes froth is encountered during the mineral separation process. Froth is an aerated slurry that can occur naturally, or in some processes is created deliberately to assist separation of the minerals. Additional considerations need to be taken to assist their transfer through the plant and these are discussed in this Green Paper.