Case Studies

Alumina Refinery

An alumina refinery in Queensland, Australia were operating an ENS 2-21 high pressure pump. The pump was not specifically designed for the particle size and speed requirements of this application. Consequently the pumps had a short wear life which meant high pump replacement and maintenance costs for the client.


A borax mine located in Boron, California home to the largest open-pit mine and borax mine in the world, produces nearly half the world’s borates. An annual overhaul maintenance inspection was scheduled on site for a power generation turbine housing.

KETO New Bare Shaft Pump

A scheelite and magnetite mine in Tasmania, Australia were experiencing constant pump failures. The mine site was looking for a way to maximise the bearing barrel life and improve wet end replacement cycles.

A copper mine in Canada was looking to maximise wear life of their impellers and improve shut-down intervals.

Mount Lyell Mine

A copper mine in Tasmania was experiencing frequent and expensive pump failures.

A gold mining operation in Western Australia with an exceptionally high silica and quartz content in their ores were experiencing unscheduled plant shutdowns due to pump failure.

A uranium plant located in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada, home to the world’s richest high-grade uranium deposits, accounts for approximately14% of the world’s uranium production. The operator was seeking a reliable solution to avoid unscheduled site shutdowns related to pump system failure caused by unpredictable and excessive wear rate of legacy wet end components.

PexGol Yamana Gold Case Study

High pressure and corrosion caused existing steel pipes to fail constantly. The client searched for a plastic pipe that could answer these problems.There were two parallel steel pipe lines. One was already out of use for at least two years and the other suffered from severe corrosion. This was the only main line transporting water to the production line. The client required a highly durable and quickly installed solution since he could not stop production at any time. This line was critical for the whole production process.

PexGol High Acidic Slurries Case Study

Replacement of pipes which have failed constantly due to problems of sedimentation, high temperature and abrasion. In addition, PEXGOL had to propose solutions for a "U" shaped connector with a small radius.

PexGo Hydrogen Sulfide Case Study

Transportation of hot water with a high percentage of Hydrogen sulfide from the dehumidifiers for a long period without corrosion problems and function deterioration.