KETO Arizona Pump & Machine

KETO Arizona Pump & Machine

Our facility based in Tuscon, KETO Arizona Pump & Machine has a wealth of experience in the general industry, petrochemical, mining, and power industries. Our offering includes a wide-range of machine and fabrication services for all rotating equipment repairs, specialising in vertical turbine and horizontal pump repairs for all manufacturers to industry standards. We can also completely reverse engineer, customise and manufacture parts and systems to meet our customer needs.

Our capabilities include:

  • Slurry pumps, horizontal, vertical sump pumps in all rubber or high-chrome construction for abrasive and corrosive or acid-resistant environments
  • Specialised compressor and centrifuge repair capability
  • Gear reducers and drive component repair

We provide complete pumps and parts or remanufactured pumps to replace or add to your existing Durco®, Goulds®, Allis-Chalmers®, Peerless®, and Layne-Bowler® installations. We also facilitate mechanical seal repairs using OEM parts for any brand of seal.

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Address: 2175 West Gardner Lane, Tucson, Arizona 85705


KETO Arizona Pump & Machine