Corporate Responsibility

KETO strives to achieve the highest standards in corporate social responsibility and environmental conservation. Our quality, environmental responsibility and occupational health and safety policies are guided by these principles to achieve the best results for our customer base as well as protecting the environment.

Occupational Health and Safety

At KETO, safety is of the utmost importance. Our Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines ensure that the wellbeing and safety of our employees always comes first. We aim to continually improve our OHS processes to comply with national and international standards.


KETO has modern manufacturing and extensive test facilities. Solid models of major components are created by design engineers using 3D software. These are used for in-house casting simulation and analysis to be carried out, ensuring castings are the highest quality. They are then used to check all fits and tolerances for an optimum fit.

KETO has achieved ISO 9001 standards in South Africa and Australia. Where possible, we try to work with companies with equivalent ISO standards.


KETO is acting to be environmentally responsible in all areas of the company. We strive to conserve the environment around us by minimising our environmental footprint.

Our products are specifically designed to be environmentally friendly, avoiding waste and hazardous materials as well as conserving power.

Our products are manufactured with the environment in mind. Use of hazardous materials is avoided and we aim to minimise the use of natural resources in our production processes. Where possible we use recycled materials.

Anti-Corruption Policy

KETO is committed to uphold the highest levels of professional standards and conduct. We have based our Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy on proven experience and best practice.